Twin Horses

There are many checkmate patterns using two Horses. Usually one Horse serves as Interception Force, while the partner gives checkmate  Fig 1. Red H1+2 or H1+3 checkmates at once. Can you find other spots from where the 2nd Horse (Attacking Force) can deliver checkmate? (There are ELEVEN!)

Fig 2 is a useful Twin Horses checkmate combination from ancient manual. 
1. H6+7    K5=4
2. H7-5    K4=5 (If K4+1, H5-7 mate)
3. H5+3  Red wins

The Horse on the 6th file can initiate the checking from the other 3 marked locations.

Fig 1
Fig 2

Twin Pawns

To assassin the enemy King, a Pawn must be very close to him.
In Fig 3. Red P4=5 (Black P6+1) checkmates at once.

Fig 4. Red wins with P7+1 or P7=6. If Black to move, P8=7 immediate checkmate.

Fig 3
Fig 4

Now try to solve the 6 endgame puzzles mentally. You may pause the slide by moving the mouse over it.

Check your answers in the right column. Click play the video.