Elephant Opening (4 examples)

The Elephant Opening had been the favourite opening of the legendary, 14-time China National Champion GM Hu Rong Hua. The idea is to solidify own position first and then wait for an opportunity of counter-attacking the enemy. With the Elephants linked at the start, followed by the two Advisers, it builds up a fortress against the enemy’s central CannonĀ  attack.

Black: Central Cannon

1. E3+5 C8=5
2. H2+3 H8+7
3. R1=2 R9=8
4. H8+7 H2+1
5. P3+1 C2=4
6. R9=8 R1=2
7. A4+5 R2+4
8. C8=9

Black may choose to trade off the Chariot or play R2=4.

Black: Parade Cannon C8=4

1. E3+5 C8=4
2. H2+3 H8+7
3. R1=2 P7+1
4. P7+1 R9=8
5. H8+7 H2+1

Red may continue with
(1) P9+1
(2) R9+1

Black: Corner Cannon C2=4

1. E3+5 C2=4
2. R9+1 H2+3
3. R9=6 H8+7
4. H8+9 R1=2
5. P9+1 R2+4
6. R6+3 R2=6
7. H2+3

Black may choose among:
(1) P7+1
(2) R9+1
(3) A6+5

Black: P7+1

1. E3+5 P7+1
2. P7+1 H8+7
3. H8+7 H2+1
4. R9+1 E7+5

Red may continue with:
(1) R9=3
(2) R9=4