Double-Check Mate

Double-check is a powerful pattern of discovered attack. The piece that moved and the uncovered piece are attacking the opponent King simultaneously. In most circumstances the defending side is unable to parry the check. He has to move the King to get out of check.

Fig 1.
Red H7-6 checkmate at once. Black cannot capture the Horse and play E5-3 on the same move, neither can he move the King away from the base rank.

Fig 2
Either H5+4 or H5+6 gives checkmate. 

Fig 1
Fig 2

Fig 3.
1 H3+4  H7-6,  H4+6 or +2 double-check mate.
If Black answers with A5+6, same results as the red King is dominating the central file.

Fig 4.
This is a double-check mate delivered by the HR Duo.
R4+1 wins at once.

Fig 3
Fig 4

Fig 5.
H5+4 or H5+6, double-check mate in one move.

Fig 6.
Though Red’s Chariot is enprise , H4+2 checkmate at once.


Fig 5
Fig 6

Now try to solve the 4 endgame puzzles mentally. You may pause the slide by moving the mouse over it.

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