The Iron Bolt

Fig. 1

This is a very useful checkmate method. Red’s central Cannon pins down the Elephant and the Adviser. The Chariot delivers checkmate at the baseline, on file #1, #2 or #3.

Fig. 2

When the Chariot is on the 4th file, it needs support from another allied piece, the Red King in this example, to give check, else it will be taken by the opponent King.

Other RC checkmates

The central Cannon exploiting the opponent Elephant as the carriage is the Interception Force.
The Chariot gives checkmate (R8=4)

Black’s central Adviser provides the carriage for the Cannon. Checkmate performed with the Chariot. (R8+4)

C3+5 checkmate.
In this example, the Chariot and the Cannon switch roles.

Chariot=Interception Force

Cannon=Assaulting Force


Red has just played R2-1, and wins at once. If R2=3 coveting the Elephant, he will get nothing and lose.
Here, the Chariot not only cuts off the King’s escape, also assists¬† the Cannon to launch the fatal check by immobilizing the Elephant.¬†

Now try to solve the 4 endgame puzzles mentally. You may pause the slide by moving the mouse over it.

Check you answers in the right column. Click play the video.