Cannon-Horse Duo

The most common checkmate involving a Horse and and a Cannon is what I call The Horseback Cannon checkmate . In this checkmate pattern, the Horse stands two points away from the opponent King on a rank or on a file. The Cannon checks the King from behind the Horse. Fig 1. If it is Red’s turn to move: C2=4 checkmate. If it is Black’s turn to move. H1-3 checkmate. The Horse acts as Interception Force while teaming up with the Cannon as the Assaulting Force. Fig 2 shows a special situation where the Horse gives checkmate (H7+6), while the Horse-Cannon Duo and the King jointly serve as the Interception Force.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2

On the right are two Horseback Cannon checkmate patterns frequently used in real games.

Fig. 3
H2+3   K5+1, C2+6 mate.

H2+4    K5=6, C5=4 mate.

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

Now test yourself to the 4 endgame puzzles on the left. You may pause the slide by moving the mouse over it.

Answers are given in the video on the right.

The are less common checkmate patterns engaging the Horse-Cannon Duo. We shall cover them under “Smothered Mate” and “Double Checkmate”