Twin Cannons

Stacked Cannons

Fig 1. Red’s central Cannon is an aggressive weapon. Red could easily summon another piece to launch a fatal attack. Here C2=5 checkmates at once. Why? If Black covers the centre with an Adviser or Elephant to parry the rear Cannon, but that piece becomes the carriage for the front Cannon, and the black King is doomed. We refer to this as a Stacked Cannons checkmate. To get out of a Stacked Cannon check, you have to either move your King or insert a piece between the two Cannons. For example, had the black Pawn be a Horse, Black could the get out of check by playing H7-5.

Fig 2. Red checkmates in two as follows:
1. C5=4  A6-5 the red King is dominating the central file.
2. C9=4 mate.

Fig 1
Fig 2

Double Toasting

Fig 3. This checkmate format is described as “Double Toasting”:
 1. C++3    E5-7
2. C3+7  mate

Fig 4. This is another format of “Double Toasting”
 1. C++3    E5-7
2. C3+7  mate

Fig 3
Fig 4

Now try to solve the 6 endgame puzzles mentally. You may pause the slide by moving the mouse over it.

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