The Chariot-Horse Duo [part 2]

The Chariot and the Horse can joint hands to produce many checkmate combinationa. In most cases the Horse plays the role of Interception Force while the Chariot delivers checkmate.

The Catapult Horse

Fig 7.
The Catapult Horse checkmate normally refers to the position in this diagram. Red wins at once with R3=5. This daring Chariot move puts the opponent King in (Discovered) Check from the Horse while sealing off the King’s escape route.

Fig 8.
Here is a less common variation of the Catapult Horse checkmate.
  1. R7+4   K4+1,   R7=5 mate.

Fig 7
Fig 8

The Upper Angler's Horse

This checkmate combination is also named the Tiger’s Silhouette depicting its aggressiveness.

Fig 9.
Red’s Chariot and Horse, while still at their own campus, are able to checkmate the exposed King in 3 steps:
1. R1+9   K6+1,   2. H2+3  K6+1 
The Horse at this position is known as “Upper Angler’s Horse”
3. R1-2  mate

Fig 10.
Here, Black’s central Elephant can delay the checkmate.
1. R9+9   E5-3,   2. R9=7   K4+1,   3. H8+7   K4+1,
4. R7-2   K4-1 (Red’s Chariot is blocking the Horse),
5. R7=8   K4-1,   R8+2 mate (or 5. R7+1   K4+1,   R7=6 )10.

There is another possible checkmate combination with the Chariot-Horse duo. we shall explore it under “Double Check”.

Fig 9
Fig 10

Now try to solve the 5 endgame puzzles mentally. You may pause the slide by moving the mouse over it.

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