Qi Tun Guan You [001] 气吞关右

This is the very first game in the manual “Comforting Delights” .Red first and wins as follows:

1. C5=9  H7+5①
2. P6+1  K5=4②
3. R7+9  E1–3
4. C9+5  E3+5
5. H8+7  K4+1
6. H2+4

① If Black A6+5,  P6=5   A4+5,  R7+9 E1–3,  C9+5  E3+5,  H8+7  A5–4,  R5+5
② If K5+1,  R7+8  K5+1,  H2+4  K5=6,  H8+6  K6–1,   H6–5  K6+1,  H5–3 wins

Ma Die Yan Zhi [002] 马蹀阏氏

This is the 2nd game from volume 1 of “Comforting Delights” .The moves given in the manual are as follows:

1. +R+4 A5–4
2. +R–1 A4+5
3. C7+8 H1–2
4. C7–8 A5–4
5. +R=5 A6+5
6. H6+7 K5=6
7. R8=4 C5=6
8. R4+3 A5+6
9. C7=4 A6–5
10. H3+4 A5+6

11. H4+2 A6–5
12. H2+4 A5+6
13. H4+5 A6–5
14. H5+3 K6+1
15. H3–5 K6–1
16. H5–4 A5+6
17. H4+3 A6–5
18. H3+2 K6+1
19. H2–4 K6+1
20. P3=4

A closer study reveals that on the 4th move, Red could have won much faster by playing C7-2 instead. You will find this quick win variation on the right column in a gif file.

To preserve the original winning sequence, we may add a second Black Chariot at the start position of Red’s left Cannon.